At BC Underwriting, we foster a friendly environment by making everyone feel part of our team, including our customers.

BC Underwriting recently acquired this established Slade Edwards Ice Cream scheme, which has been running successfully for over 10 years. We’ve continued to maintain that all important human touch, getting to know our customers personally.

Our team comprises many wonderful people, with your best interests at the heart of everything.

That’s the BC Underwriting difference.

James Longley

Catering Scheme Manager

Tom Gilbert

Scheme Underwriter

Here at mrwhippyicecream ltd we want the right insurance for our fleet of ice cream vans and the right after service which is what we get using BC Underwriting. We would highly recommend their services.

Graham Humphries

We have used BC Underwriting since 2006 for ice cream van and liability insurance. Customer service is excellent and prices are always competitive, would not hesitate in recommending their services.

Maggie Rush
Ice Cream Alliance Past President